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Josie is very pleased that information about John's wonderful work has been shown around the world.  Because of this and a higher that usual volume of interest in her trips to John in Brazil, if you are wanting to participate in a trip there next year, Josie recommends registering with her soon to guarantee your place!  And to see the video of the Oprah show CLICK HERE.


Josie takes groups and individuals regularly to Brazil to visit “John of God” (Joao de Deus) probably the most powerful spiritual healer of our time, at his healing center the Casa de Dom Inacio, often called simply “the Casa.”  This beloved healer has touched millions of lives, restored faith with his miraculous work, and healed people of such diverse ailments as cancer, HIV/AIDS, paralysis, asthma and other serious problems that Western medicine has not been able to cure.   

Josie has been working with John of God since 1998, when he asked her to begin bringing people needing healing and/or spiritual help who lived outside of Brazil.  She became the first North American guide to the Casa and as of June 2008, has guided 64 groups.  At John of God’s request, she accompanies him - on the rare occasions that he works outside of Brazil – to oversee the “spiritual surgery/divine interventions and blessings” room.

Before your journey begins, Josie assists you in making travel arrangements, makes all hotel and ground transportation reservations, and sends you a preparations list of what you most need to do, know and bring.  Upon arriving in Brazil, she serves as your guide to the Casa.  Josie, who is herself a medium of the Casa, also shares various spiritual methodologies and information that will help participants make the most of the healing opportunities provided by the Casa.  She speaks Portuguese and is able to translate for you at the Casa and whenever else needed.

After looking over the itinerary below, please let Josie know as early as possible if you are interested in any of these journeys or in scheduling a private group journey (such as with personal friends, clients, work associates, church members, students, etc.), as they take some planning on both everyone's parts (including obtaining a passport and Brazilian visa).  

Key Benefits

Neither John of God nor Josie RavenWing can make any guarantees or predictions as to the course of your healing process at and after the sessions at the Casa.  All people who go there receive spiritual healing.  Some people experience a significant opening of their own healing and/or psychic abilities as a result of time spent at the Casa.  Many have experienced physical healing when their doctors had given up on them, in the realm of what we would call the miraculous.  Many have experienced profound emotional healing as well.  Some people don't seem to notice much difference in their physical symptoms while they are at the Casa, but over the following weeks and months their condition improves.  And a few don't experience any physical healing for reasons unknown to any of us who work at the Casa.  Nonetheless, most people who go to the Casa feel it was well worth the journey, and many thank God that they did.

Josie's third and recently released book, "The Book of Miracles: The Healing Work of Joao de Deus",is recommended reading before the journey, as it contains a great deal of information that will help you make the most of your time in Brazil.  It can be ordered online ( at, or, as a special order through your local book store, or directly from Josie.

The following itinerary is slightly flexible depending on a variety of factors, but mostly follows what is written below.  You can email Josie for information on the cost of the journey.

Josie is also available to charter private groups at other times than those listed below, and to include a weeklong spiritual journey to the Fulnio Indians of Northeast Brazil separate from or in conjunction with the two-week trip to the Casa. 

Healing Journeys to Brazil/John of God:

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